Brew a Brighter Future: Celebrating National Black Owned Business Month with Great Mornings Coffee & Tea

Brew a Brighter Future: Celebrating National Black Owned Business Month with Great Mornings Coffee & Tea

August celebrates National Black Owned Business Month, a time to recognize and support the remarkable contributions of black entrepreneurs. Among these trailblazing businesses is Great Mornings Coffee & Tea, founded by Kristin Evans in 2015. With its origins on the serene island of Oahu, this brand has now established its roots in Marietta, Georgia. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of National Black Owned Business Month and how you can support Great Mornings Coffee & Tea not only this month but also in the days ahead.

Embracing National Black Owned Business Month

August is a dedicated opportunity to shine a spotlight on the achievements, innovations, and resilience of Black-owned businesses. These enterprises play a pivotal role in shaping local economies, fostering diversity, and serving as inspirations for aspiring entrepreneurs. By supporting such businesses, we contribute to economic empowerment and celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship within the black community.

The Journey of Great Mornings Coffee & Tea

Great Mornings Coffee & Tea was started in 2015 after Kristin's husband was stationed at Schofield Barracks. Inspired by the coffee and tea culture on in Hawaii, Kristin set out to create a brand that resonates with diversity of flavors and exceptional quality. Since its humble beginnings on the island, the brand has since transitioned to Marietta, Georgia.  Kristin has plans to eventually expand to a coffee and tea shop where she can serve great mornings daily.

Supporting Great Mornings Coffee & Tea

  • Savor the Flavors:  Treat your taste buds to the exceptional blends offered by Great Mornings Coffee & Tea. From rich coffees to aromatic teas, each product is a testament to Kristin's commitment to quality.


  • Purchase with Purpose: Every purchase you make supports not only Great Mornings Coffee & Tea but also the larger narrative of uplifting Black-owned businesses. Your support fuels economic empowerment and encourages continued growth.


  • Share the Journey: Spread the word about Great Mornings Coffee & Tea on social media using relevant hashtags like #SupportBlackOwned and tagging @greatmorningscoffeeandtea. By sharing your experiences, you're amplifying the brand's reach and making a difference.


  • Consider Subscriptions: Opt for subscription services to receive regular deliveries of your favorite coffee or tea. This ongoing support sustains the brand's growth and provides you with a delightful treat each month.

Beyond August: Making a Lasting Impact

Supporting Great Mornings Coffee & Tea during National Black Owned Business Month is just the beginning. Your continued patronage fosters a cycle of growth, job creation, and empowerment within the black community. By choosing to invest in black-owned businesses, you contribute to a more equitable economy and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.

This August, as we honor National Black Owned Business Month, let's celebrate the stories of visionaries like Kristin and the growth of businesses like Great Mornings Coffee & Tea. By supporting this brand, you're not only indulging in flavors that transport you from Oahu to Marietta but also contributing to a stronger, more inclusive economy. Let's raise our cups in unity and continue our support well beyond this month, championing the journey of Black-owned businesses for years to come.

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