Coffee Shop: Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe

Coffee Shop: Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe

Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe was mentioned to me by some attendees at my last mommy and me coffee event. They suggested I check it out if I ever wanted my business to expand to a brick and mortar shop.

The shop is located further than I expected and hidden away (at least in my opinion) in more of a neighborhood setting as opposed to downtown like I assumed. They have two locations, one is located in a home decor store called Fishcake and the other is located on East Manoa Road.

We visited the East Manoa location (obviously) and I was immediately excited.  It is in a small shopping plaza, perfect for the smaller nature of the shop.
I always love seeing the handwritten chalk menus at coffee shops. There is no real reason other than it makes it feel like more of a personal place as opposed to a corporate one.
While they didn't have much out in terms of bake goods, I have seen pictures of the selections they have had on other days. They also have things such as breakfast burritos and burgers.  In fact, the table beside me ordered one of their burgers and it took all of my strength to be good and not order one too.
In the end, I decided to try their Vietnamese styled iced coffee and their banana bread. Neither disappointed.
Now, some may ask why would I write about a coffee shop when I one day plan to open one.  Well, the answer is simple.  My shop will not be in Hawaii. So while I am stationed out here I want to enjoy all there is to offer and see as many different styles of coffee shops the island has to offer.  Also, sometimes the best places are found simply by spreading the word.
So if you are ever in Honolulu and want to try a coffee shop that isn't part of a brand, definitely stop by Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe.  There is enough space not to be sitting on top of your neighbor but small enough to feel like you found something special.  If it wasn't such a hike from where I live, I'd probably make a few more visits before we move.
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