Golden Milk: More Than a Millennial Fad

Golden Milk: More Than a Millennial Fad

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It always seems that something old becomes something new and fadish for the younger generation.  Golden milk seems to be no exception.

While in recent years, golden milk has become more popular on social media in the U.S., it seems we were a bit late to the game.  Golden milk has been popular for centuries, especially in India where it was created.

The milk infused turmeric drink called haldi doodh has been used by Indian mothers for centuries to soothe their sick children and help them sleep.*

While we live in an era where juice cleanses shame us through colorful Instagram pictures and every granola hipster is encouraging us to consume some possibly questionable "natural" foods, golden milk does provide the history that should have you giving it a chance.

So what are the benefits of drinking this tasty drink?  According to Medical News Today, there are at least 10:

  1. Reducing Inflammation
  2. Preventing Cell Damage
  3. Improving Mood
  4. Supporting Brain Function & Improving Memory
  5. Preventing Heart Disease
  6. Possibly Reducing the Risk of Cancer
  7. Lowering Blood Sugar Levels
  8. Boosting the Immune System
  9. Improving Bone Health
  10. Aiding Digestion

    It is a new year and the perfect time to refocus on your health.  With a wide range of benefits, there is no reason not to give golden milk a chance.  

    What I suggest is checking out our turmeric-based teas and making a cup of golden milk each night before bed.  Put the sleeping pills and pricey sleep apps away for a week, and see if you can tell the difference. Worst case scenario, you just drink something delicious before bed ;-)



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