Great Mornings Don't Start with Plastic in Your Tea

Great Mornings Don't Start with Plastic in Your Tea

At Great Mornings Coffee & Tea, it is important to us that our customers are offered a selection of products that are of high quality.  

Like many tea drinkers, I recently saw a sudden increase in articles about plastic in tea bags. While most of our tea offerings are loose-leaf, I was concerned about the perception of our Zest Tea selections.

Zest Tea had the same concern and wanted to ease everyone's minds. Cou Kalantary, head of marketing at Zest Tea, sent out the following statement by email:

"Last week the Department of Chemical Engineering at McGill University in Canada released a report showing that plastic teabags release billions of micro-plastics into brewing temperature water.

The wave of media coverage left a lot of Zest customers asking questions. Are Zest teabags the same as those in the study? Are Zest teabags made of plastic? Do Zest teabags contain glue?

Our teabags are made of Soilon, a plant-based, compostable material that does not contain plastic. Furthermore, our teabags don’t use glue, we seal them using heat."

We plan to continue carrying Zest Tea products at Great Mornings Coffee & Tea for as long as they continue to provide a great product. But if you have any questions or concerns about their product, you can contact zest at

Still not convinced or maybe you just prefer loose leaf tea? Check out our other selection of teas and infusers to satisfy your herbal needs.


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