Great Mornings Presents Holiday Gift Ideas: For a New Mom

Great Mornings Presents Holiday Gift Ideas: For a New Mom

The holiday season is upon us and everyone is thinking of what to get their loved ones.  While we think a great morning is always a good gift idea, we wanted to offer a few complimentary items for those special people in your lives. So check back every Tuesday and Thursday for some GREAT ideas ;-)

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 Gift Ideas for the New Mom  

Motherhood is a beautiful thing.  There is something magical about the laughs of your baby and the smell of their little heads. However, motherhood can be a bit tainted when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror looking a little.......a lot less put together than you used to be. 

While it has been a few years since I was a new mom, there were a few things I wouldn't have minded as a gift during my first year. Here are my gift ideas for the new moms in your life.

Salted Caramel Coffee

The first few months to a year can be rough when it comes to being a new mom.  Sleep feels like a luxury and coffee feels like a survival tool (though that maybe the story of adulthood in general). While some moms may limit their coffee due to breastfeeding, our Salted Caramel Coffee is a great alternative to the sugary, highly caffeinated caramel lattes of the coffee world.  Even better, mom doesn't have to leave the house to get it and can save that money for diapers ;-)

Home Spa Products

Gifting just got easier 🎁 I've added a few new gifts and sets to the shop - each one created for  every budget. One of my favorites  is this large gift set.

This set includes a soap of your choice, premium soap dish, bath bomb, ramie wash cloth, a bath soak and a body butter of your choice. All placed in our branded box with a ribbon on top with a thank you card. All of this for just $45 and (the best part) free shipping!

Have you seen the rest of our gift sets? Hit the link in the bio and check it out!

As new moms (and even older moms), we often lose sight of the importance of self-care.  While the thought of leaving your new baby behind while you go out maybe too much for you in the beginning, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy some spa-like relaxation at home. 

The Bath Soak Set from Motherland Essentials offers the option of an awakening and uplifting bath experience with the scents of citrus and rose. The other option is a soak in relaxing scents of lavandin, clary sage, orange, and ceda.

Other notable products to try are their Aloe + Rosewater Hydrating Mist, Teakwood Multi-Use Oil, and the one and done Large Gift Set

Sleep Ease Loose Leaf Tea

Hear that? It is the most magical sound.....silence! Baby is asleep but mom's mind is still wide awake: "I need to do laundry," "Did I pay the cable bill?" "What am I going to cook for dinner?" "I really need a shower."

While sleeping pills may not be the ideal option right now, a GREAT sleeping tea definitely is.  Gift mom with Sleep Ease. A hot, smooth, and velvety cup of chamomile and lavender will help silence mommy's thoughts and ease her to sleep. Well at least until the baby wakes her up again. Don't forget the infuser!


Xmas Vibes Only - Posh Candle Co.

Whether the scent gives the false feeling that they did more cleaning than they actually did or it delivers a sense of calm in a chaotic world, candles are a must.  Posh Candle Co. are soy-based candles with some very life appropriate names.  Even better it is a woman-owned business (like all of the products on this list).  We definitely (and obviously) suggest trying More Coffee Please and Tea & Happy Things.  But Peace & Quiet Day may be even more appreciated by mommy.

No new mommies in your life? No worries! Check back for more gift ideas over the weeks leading up to Christmas.


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