Great Mornings Presents Holiday Gift Ideas: The Female Entrepreneur

Great Mornings Presents Holiday Gift Ideas: The Female Entrepreneur

The holiday season is upon us and everyone is thinking of what to get their loved ones.  While we think a great morning is always a good gift idea, we wanted to offer a few complimentary items for those special people in your lives. So check back every Tuesday and Thursday for some GREAT ideas ;-)

Gift Ideas for the Female Entrepreneur 

Starting your own business is an emotional (and at times financial) roller coaster.  Whether they are working on a side hustle or they have embraced the sole income of the small business life, these special women deserve your respect.

This holiday season, show your support for the boss lady in your life with some of these helpful entrepreneurial gift ideas.

Zest Tea Superberry Samba

Starting and maintaining a successful business requires a real sense of focus and drive.  Unfortunately, some of us can't achieve either of those things without our morning caffeine boost.  

While coffee is usually a go-to for myself in the morning, it is nice to mix it up with something lighter.  Superberry Samba is a green tea with the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Offering 3 times the amount of caffeine than a regular cup of tea, Superberry Samba is the kickstarter coffee drinkers didn't know they needed and tea drinkers won't want to share.

Help boost your entrepreneur's energy and focus with this high octane tea.

Tea Drops

Time is money.  Sometimes the simplest of actions seem like they take too much time when you are working on a project to grow your business.  Even taking the time to make a cup of tea can seem time-consuming when you are trying to hustle.

While Superberry Samba is great to get their morning kickstart, Tea Drops are perfect for the midday grind.  Simply boil some water, drop one in, and stir. That's it! No need to worry about infusers, tea bags, or adding honey/sugar. These individually wrapped teas are ready when they are!

Stock up on Tea Drops for your hustler today with our Mix & Match option. 

 The Goal Getter Journal

Goal Getter Journal flatlay.JPG

I created this journal to help you stay on top of every goal you want to achieve. The format of the journal allows you to explain why it’s important, what you’re going to do to achieve a few more things I thought was important to the process. This is perfect for any girl going after her dreams!

-Addie Rawr

What more can I say?  Help your "Goal Getter" stay on track with this smartly crafted journal from

Dear Female Founder

Image result for dear female founder

It is so easy to get discouraged when you compare your early stages to others who are in the later chapters of success.  Whether it is trying to balance a side business and a full-time job or motherhood and your new "baby," most women have juggled with the many struggles of being a female entrepreneur.

Show your special someone you care with words of encouragement and advice from those who have been through it.  In a world where social media leads us to believe there is no failure before success, this book will deliver an honest reality that can fuel one's motivation.

No female entrepeneurs in your life? No worries! Check back for more gift ideas over the weeks leading up to Christmas.

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