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Costa Rica Reserve Coffee

Great Mornings Coffee & Tea

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Medium-roasted, Costa Rica Reserve beans brew into a medium-bodied coffee that is rich in chocolaty-caramel notes. This coffee produces a cup that is winy with high acidity and a sharp finish. Perfectly balanced flavor and an enticing aromatic essence.

Costa Rica Reserve coffee beans are Strictly Hard Bean, meaning they are grown at elevations of 3,900ft or more. The high altitude slows the growth of the coffee trees, causing the cherries to mature much slower; the result is dense coffee cherries containing beans packed with rich flavor. Home to many micro mills, Costa Rica has devoted farmers who take pride in ensuring that their plantations only produce high-quality yields. This gourmet coffee is one of the finest coffees that Costa Rica has to offer. 

**coffee is roasted in the same facility where nut extracts are used**

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Martha C McCraw (Rye, US)
Pura Vida

This coffee has a beautiful flavor. I reminds me of my travels to Costa Rica, where I toured many coffee farms. This is real Costa Rica coffee. It’s a pleasure purchasing from a growing business. The shipping is super quick, and the owner is easily reached.

Marian Anderson (Houston, US)
Love it!

I really love the Salted Caramel Coffee. I’m still be ordered the full pound soon!

KIM (New Orleans, US)
Delicious, Smooth Taste!!!

My ground coffee arrived fast & very fresh! This is my first time trying Costa Rica Reserve coffee and I love it's smooth taste, it's not bitter & very satisfying!

Shayla (Glenside, US)
Favorite morning brew

It arrived quickly and fresh! I enjoyed it without the need for cream of sugar since it didn't have a bitter taste. Smooth and satisfying.

Michael Mitchell (Norristown, US)
Delicious Costa Rican Coffee

I received the package so quickly! Also, the beans smelled amazing right out of the package. This coffee is delicious. Makes a rich espresso or a savory cup of coffee. Delicious with or without creamer. Thank you so much.