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Holiday Cheer Flavored Coffee

Holiday Cheer Flavored Coffee

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Our Holiday Cheer flavored coffee will bring you joy triumphantly with the flavors of creamy French caramel, vanilla, toasted almond, and just a dash of Jamaican rum flavor to create an intensely rich taste of the holidays.

As you savor each sip of this delicious alcohol-free coffee, reminisce in the warm and cozy sights of family and friends, twinkling lights, freshly baked goodies from the oven, and the sounds of laughter and clinking of glasses.

The sweet-spicy essence of Jamaican rum and smoky flavors of toasted almonds enhanced with the richness of vanilla and caramel will bring the spirit of the holidays to life. There's nothing like a good cup of holiday cheer to brighten you up!

May the magic of our Holiday Cheer bring you the comfort of home, peaceful memories, and thoughtful wishes. So put your coffee mug together with someone special and celebrate!

**Roasted in a facility that uses nut extracts**

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John Burke (Marietta, GA, US)
Great Coffee

This place never fails to deliver great tasting coffee!

Paula Davila (San Antonio, TX, US)

Great tasting coffee with a hint of toasted almonds and as with all great morning coffees the aroma is amazing

Rebecca (Kennesaw, GA, US)
Yummy Holiday Spice to Treat Yourself

It is that wonderful time of year with leaves turning bright colors and the air becoming crisp. While everyone is excited about the upcoming holidays, it is that time of year to treat yourself and enjoy this coffee with all its flavors and nuances. It really is aromatic and smooth. I have a friend who comes over every in the late afternoon and we both drink this deliciously flavored coffee for a bit of a pick-me-up. You can't go wrong with this one. It is the little things in life, like this coffee, that bring joy into the everyday routine of life. Enjoy it and share it with a friend.

Sharon Quigley
Holiday cheer

Beans very moist so don’t grind well. But delicious!

Carrie Hicks (Sarver, PA, US)

I bought this coffee along with a new campfire mug, thinking it sounded good and worth a try. I'm so happy that I decided to try it, because it is delicious! What a great mix of spices and flavors! Perfect for the holidays or any time during the year! I will be purchasing it again!