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Tanzania Peaberry

Tanzania Peaberry

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Mount Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano in northern Tanzania, is the highest peak in Africa at 19,330 feet. Kilimanjaro's lower slopes provide fertile soil to grow Tanzania Peaberry Coffee, and the climate provides excellent conditions for coffee trees to thrive. Grown and harvested on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro near the Kenyan border, this gourmet African coffee displays many of the characteristics of Kenyan coffee, though much lighter in acidity. 

Peaberry beans are small, round coffee beans with a cleft in the middle; they have a richer flavor than their oval-shaped counterparts, often rendering a livelier cup with a full body and distinguished aroma. Peaberry coffee is rare; only 10% of all coffee develops with this characteristic. As a result, peaberry coffee beans must be hand-sorted from the rest. 

Experience a light-medium roasted coffee that is full of flavor!
**coffee is roasted in the same facility where nut extracts are used**
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
M (Germantown, MD, US)
Drinking it since 2021!

I buy it only every so often to treat myself. Smooth, sweet, and really gives you a great boost to start your day!

Matthew (Mayfield, NY, US)
Fantastic product

Fantastic coffee with a wonderful rich flavor and low acidity. I will be purchasing this item as long as it's in stock.

Miranda (Clarksburg, MD, US)
One of my favorites!

So far I love every coffee Great Mornings sell, but Tanzania Pea Berry is my number 1! I recommend drinking it black. It's bold yet smooth and super delicious; it really wakes you up without being acidic or giving you the jitters.

Raul L. (San Jose, CA, US)
Wow flavor and great taste

If you're looking for more caffeine in you're cup of coffee this is the one . Robusta bean at a great price and flavor. I like to mix it with different flavored coffees from Great Mourning , you can't go wrong